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The most important Day of your life is the Day that you commit to your Health and well being. Everything starts with that Day. Your awakening, your true potential, your renaissance, your inner and outer beauty, your biggest investment to yourself. At DDay Med Spa, our mission is to be there for you, to lead you in your “D” Day and help you start the next chapter in achieving your goals for a new and healthy life!

Dr. D

Founder, DDay Med Spa


Medspa Services

Services and Pricing

Dermal Filler$250

25 units of Botox for $250 for new clients ($10/unit)

Restylane Define - 1 ml dose$599

Restylane Refine - 1 ml dose$599

Restalyne Silk - 1 ml dose$649

Juvederm Ultra XC - 1 ml dose$599

Fine Lines and Small Scars

Juvederm Ultra Plus XC - 1 ml dose$659

Deeper Wrinkles and Fols/Lips

Juvederm Voluma - 1 ml dose$799

Upper face and Mid Cheek Volume (Lift Jowls)

Juvederm Vobella - 1 ml dose$400

For Natural Look Lip Volume


Nose and Cheeks$125

Full Face$150

15 Min Leg Veins$200

30 Min Leg Veins$250

One Session$ 200

Six Sessions$ 900

Face Rejuvenation/Muscle$ 50-65

Full Body$900

Half-Legs (lower)$ 250

Half-Legs (Thigh area)$300





Upper Lip$30

Chin- (female)- $40 (male)- $60$40/60

Face- (sideburn area)$40

Full Arms$250

Full face - (lip,chin,sideburn)$100

Full legs - (including toes)$350

Mens Chest$300

Mens Back$300

Mens Shoulder$50

Full Face and Neck$300

Full Face and Neck - Package of 3$825

Full Face and Neck - Pkg of 6$1501

Abdomen or other body areas for stretch marks$200+

Minimal area only$75

Full Face and Neck$200

Neck Only$75

Lower Arms$200

Full Arms$300



Full Back$350






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Vascular LesionsCall

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Pigmentation RemovalCall

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LED Series 2 Per week$ 540-720

6-8 Weeks

Full Face and Neck$ 200

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DD Organic Shea Butter for Adults 1oz$70

DD Organic Shea Butter for Adults 3ozVisit Spa

BB Organic Baby Booty Diaper Cream 1oz$100

Coming Soon$


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