Dr. Daniela Atanassova-Lineva, MD is a Doctor on a mission to help everybody in the family live a healthier, happier life.

Born in Bulgaria, Dr. Daniela, who speaks 5 different languages, is as brilliant as she is dedicated. Her love for children has led her to all parts of the globe as a medical volunteer. Her own personal story of turning tragedy into triumph is not only inspirational but a testament to the extraordinary life and invaluable work of this remarkable Doctor and individual. Also, her ten year old son is the best company and motivation for her today and is extremely proud of him. He is an excellent tennis player in the Eastern section.

How did you get into medicine?
Ever since I was a little girl I dreamt of becoming a doctor. The only answer I would give to adults to the question, “What would you like to become when you grow up ?” was... “A DOCTOR!” Most of my imaginary play games as a child were with dolls that I would treat and perform surgeries on. I would use pine tree needles as injections, make compound remedies from flower leaves mixed with mud and pretend being a Doctor. I even built my own little clinic tree house and would climb every day to escape into my games. Children are my inspiration. Children, my mom being a teacher, and I also developed an interest in science and languages from my dad . He was an agricultural engineer and instilled in me a love for nature, plants and science. Now, I want to help parents look and feel better too!

In 2010 you were recognized by the International Association of Pediatrics as a Leading Physician of the World and Top Pediatrician in Queens, NYC. In 2011, you received the Patient’s Choice Award. For the past 11 years in a row (2008-2017) you have been selected as one of America’s Top Pediatricians. Now, you are expanding your practice in a number of new directions? Why?
I recently added services to benefit the parents of my children, the whole family. Parents are so incredibly important. They need to take care of themselves better for the sake of their children.
The new service for parents and adults is called: D DAY med spa or Dr D Medical wellness, because the most important day of your life is the day you commit to your health and well being. Everything starts with that day. Your awakening, your true potential, your renaissance, your inner and outer beauty, your biggest investment to yourself. D stands for “the Day”, “Daniela Day, “ for a relaxing day, a special day. That “Day” you may spend the entire day doing yoga, having beautification and anti-aging procedures, nutritional education, health drinks, massage. Parents deserve to be pampered too. You serve yourself on D Day as a deserving healthy woman or man, parent.

This sounds amazing! Why is it so important to expand your practice to address the health needs of parents?
The goal is to educate parents and the community on how they can benefit themselves and their children with these new services. I’ve spent two decades taking care of children (who will always remain a primary focus). Over those years I’ve seen how unhealthy parents can sometimes negatively impact their children. Children often learn and adopt unhealthy behaviors from their parents ( addictions, stress, divorce, alcohol, tobacco). This is often why some children get sick since they are fully dependent on their parents who at times, unwittingly make unhealthy decisions for themselves and their children. This is why I want to spend equal time on educating and healing the parents. Healthier parents raise healthier children. Whatever it takes for them to reach a healthy balance.

Proper Health, nutrition and even beauty treatments. Helping parents look and feel more attractive and fit, boosting their confidence offering Aesthetic medical services. I want to prevent chronic disease through caring for the parents, so they can provide a healthy environment for their children. This is why I am continually growing my knowledge and expertise in the field of nutrition, anti-aging and aesthetic medicine so that I can also help parents look good and feel great! Beauty and Health, Health and Happiness, Happiness and Health.

How have you grown this additional knowledge and expertise while at the same time being a leading doctor in Pediatrics for two decades?
After graduating from Mount Sinai Medical School I was invited to teach in the Pediatrics ER at Elmhurst Hospital, a big trauma center with very challenging cases. I always used to say that I thrive on challenges and the ER environment was a perfect match to my personality and ambitions. The experience I gained in the ER, doing minor surgical procedures and taking care of acute cases made me choose to expand my areas of specialty and seek additional training in Aesthetic and anti aging medicine. I am certified in Botox and derma fillers injections, anti aging and hair loss PRP procedures, threading face lifts, non invasive fat loss removal procedures, utilizing the latest and most innovative laser machines of Cynosure, SCULPSURE and TEMPSURE. My mentor and idol in life is Dr. George Anastassov, a very respected plastic and maxillofacial surgeon. I have been working under his supervision both in Elmhurst Hospital and his private office in Manhattan. Learning from the best has given me the knowledge and confidence I need to keep evolving and searching for my full potential as a Doctor.

What about nutrition?
I am currently representing USANA nutrition and healthy products and in support of its CEO and founder, Dr. Myron Wentz . I also want to be part of his mission on approaching health and beauty from a cellular level. additionally, I am currently in the process of certifying for the medical Board of Obesity Medicine.

How does your knowledge of various languages help you as a Doctor?
I was born and raised in Bulgaria, but my father spent 4 years working in Morocco where I attended school and learned French. Russian was mandatory during the times I grew up in Bulgaria, and English and Spanish came naturally after I moved to USA. There are days when I speak all 5 languages. It feels so special to be able to communicate to patients and parents in their mother tongue/ language. I work in the most diverse area in the world, in Queens with more than 82 nationalities. In the last 5 years I have been traveling and exploring the world, volunteering for children in Nepal, Nicaragua, Mexico. Recently visited China and Mongolia. Learning about new cultures is my new passion.

You lost your daughter very tragically. How have you been able to survive this loss and honor her beloved memory?
My strong personality, the support system of friends, colleagues and family has helped me cope with the tragic loss of my daughter. My Fiancée who is also my best friend is my rock . His precious love and support means my life. My son who is only 10 has taught me resilience . My wonderful patients keep me going . Also, I’m a dreamer. I opened the Med Spa in honor of my daughter. Stefani was a first division full scholarship (tennis) student-athlete in a pre med program at Binghamton, and she wanted to become a child psychiatrist. This is the reason I decided to expand the services to add psychologist, life coaches, nutritionist , SW on-line services, in addition to the beauty and anti-aging procedures. Blending the Eastern and Western way of medicine and integrating them, is what my continuing path will be. I also registered the foundation StefaniForever20 in memory of my beloved daughter to raise awareness of alcohol and drug abuse in colleges.

You are an amazing person. What types of things do you do to stay healthy and grounded?
I have an altruistic personality. Having purpose in life is a blessing. I did not even look for it, born this way. Caring and giving, helping others, being present for patients and friends, traveling and volunteering keeps me humble and grounded. I have very high bars and expectations and being loved by me is not easy. Perhaps, even my family, my children, fiancée feel deprived of my presence at times. I like to joke saying that I have always been married to medicine.

Goals for the future.
Keep developing this new model of Health Care, where in one place, with a trusted physician, patients can come and seek not only medications, but life guidance. I am a doctor with extended knowledge of anatomy, great experience in surgical procedures and would like to share this gift with my patients, their families and the community. Working on the foundation and traveling, volunteering will be a big part of my future career. I am also teaching PA students from Stony Brook and will be investing time in an academic career as well. The catalyst for my drive to dedicate the rest of my life to science and beauty is my pursuit to prevent diseases and ensure long- lived health. Health is happiness , happiness is health. My vision and new model of healthcare is the way of the future. I want to offer to the parents of my children and to their families the knowledge and understanding of how to invest in their health.

More about Dr. Daniela:
Dr. Daniela Atanassova-Lineva, FAAP, FSAM is a board–certified Pediatrician and a Fellow of the Section of Adolescent Medicine. She has been selected for America’s top Pediatrician 11 years in a row from 2008 to 2017 and was recently awarded and accepted in the World Life Registry. Dr. Atanassova-Lineva has devoted the last 3 years to expand her clinical and ER experience in treating the whole family as a unit, implementing integrated and aesthetic medicine in her scope of practice. She is certified in aesthetic medicine, botox and derma fillers injections, ALEXANDRITE and QUANTA Nd Yag lazer treatment, LED phototherapy, and PRP (platelet plasma rich) hair loss treatment and skin rejuvenation.
Dr. Lineva’s areas of clinical interest include management of dermatology, integrated and aesthetic medicine, pediatric primary care, emergency medicine, asthma, allergic disorders, obesity and nutrition, and adolescent medicine. She is certified as an injector for botox and fillers for medical and cosmetic procedures and is adept in the latest innovations in the skin fillers. Dr. Atanassova-Lineva primes herself on attention to details and exquisite results.
After being accepted in the medical school with the award of achieving the maximum MCAT score, she earned her medical degree from Varna Medical University in Bulgaria, Dr. AtanassovaLineva completed residency in Pediatrics Medicine at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine, affiliated with Elmhurst Hospital, Queens, NY. She spent considerable amount of time in her residency in the Department of Pediatric Emergency Medicine and is still serves as an Assistant (attending, teaching medical students and pediatrics residents).
In addition to managing common pediatric problems and diseases, Dr. Atanassova-Lineva has particular expertise in Integrated and Aesthetic Medicine. She has been treating depression, providing counseling and preventive care for her teen patients. Dr. Atanassova-Lineva is also particularly interested in the prevention of obesity and sports injuries. She has published scholarly articles on topics in Obesity, Nutrition and Sport Medicine. She is very proud of her latest publication about difficulties in feedings of newborns with cleft lip/ cleft palate. Dr. Atanassova-Lineva is board-certified by the American Academy of Pediatrics and is a member of the Academy of Pediatrics, the Section of Adolescent Medicine, Doctors without borders and has numerous presentations at the Eastern European meetings of Pediatrics. Dr. AtanassovaLineva is currently an Assistant Attending of the Pediatric Emergency Department at Elmhurst Hospital and is affiliated with the faculty of LIJ Hospital, NYH of Queens and Mount Sinai Hospital. She has been working under the supervision of the World recognized CEO of Axim biotechnologies, Dr George Anastassov, maxillofacial and plastic surgeon, M.D, DDS, MBA.
In 2010 she was recognized by the International Association of Pediatrics as a Leading Physician of the World and Top Pediatrician in Queens, NYC. In 2011, she received the “Patients’ Choice Award”.

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