Weight Loss Programs

Dr. D

Medical Spa located in Rego Park, NY

Weight Loss Program

Weight loss is a science, life style, and knowledge. Dr D and Al have been 
working on different ways to target every one individually .They offer 
evaluations, nutrition plans, personal fitness work outs and body 
countering delivered to the client by using the latest and most innovative 
FDA approved SculpSure and TempSureEnvi laser devices. There is a 
multidisciplinary approach to weight loss and maintaining a healthy weight. 
There are no simple diets, there is no right or wrong diet, it is not about 
pure calorie numbers and calculations. Reaching the golden balance of 
maintaining a healthy weight that fits you well and gives you confidence 
and comfort is not an easy task. SELFITNESS and our team of professionals 
has an unique vision about the art of fitness and medicine.